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A fringe is certainly the easiest way to change your look—and these celebs perfectly show you the kind of difference it can make! Take a look at some of your A-list faves, with and without their statement bangs.

Fringes have been hot on the style charts for far longer than we can remember. Even your favourite celebs haven’t been able to resist trying them out and so, here’s presenting a look at some of our favourite women rocking bangs. Yay or nay, what’s your take on them?

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy is a great example to bust the myth that women with round faces cannot pull off bangs. With confidence and the right stylist who understands your face, you too can ‘bang it out’ no matter what your age, face shape or hair type is.

Taylor Swift

From curly-haired country singer to a brazen bombshell, Taylor Swift has shown us as many varied hair looks as she has delivered hit numbers. Her experiment with fringes definitely looks like a success to us—fresh, young and totally chic.

Priyanka Chopra

Is there anything that doesn’t suit this woman? While PeeCee experiments a lot with hairstyles, she seldom plays around with drastic cuts. It was in 2012 that she sported fringes, and our desi girl has rocked the style.

Kim Kardashian

Kim K’s fringed look totally turns her into a Dash doll—exuding a young, fun and carefree vibe. However, this time, we’re more in favour of her sleek, long, centre-parted locks as they suit her glamazon personality a whole lot better.

Anushka Sharma

We’ve always seen Anushka with simple wavy locks, either tied in a ponytail or a bun. Though only for a while, it was refreshing to see her experiment. We only hope that more Bollywood actresses take a leaf out of her book and try something new.

Jennifer Lopez

She’s famous for trying new things with her hair and not-so-surprisingly, everything looks good on her! Attribute it to her amazing face structure or simply her confidence of pulling anything off, JLo never ceases to impress.

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