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BB, CC, DD, EE, PP – Know Your Skin Creams

From BB to DD to PP—what do these letters even mean with regard to skin creams, and how is each one different?

Walk up to any beauty counter and you’ll be baffled looking at the array of products. While being spoilt for choice is usually a good thing, there are times when this can leave you overwhelmed, especially when you’re bombarded with alphabet combinations such as BB, CC, and so on when choosing products for your skin. While we’re all well aware of these names thanks to countless commercials, do you really know what they do? And more importantly, which one’s right for you? Let’s find out…
BB Cream
FOR: Normal to dry skin types
Once a Korean rage, BB creams have become very popular all over the world in a very short period of time. These are lighter than foundation, and have the consistency of a tinted balm that provides more coverage. The contain anti-ageing, sun protection and moisturising among other benefits, all mixed in small quantities. It’s ideal to wear a thin layer of this in the day time, for a natural, fresh-faced look.
CC Cream
FOR: Oily & acne-prone skin types
Even skin tone, lesser visible dark spots and tons of antioxidants—that’s what this one will give you. It is lighter to wear than a BB cream and since it is colour correcting, it takes care of red spots, acne marks, dullness, etc. It almost seems like a successor of the BB cream with improved features.
DD Cream
FOR: All skin types
Though these haven’t made a huge buzz in India yet, DD creams have a lot of people swearing by them. These mainly provide anti-ageing benefits, promising to reduce signs of ageing with regular use. Sun defense and anti-ageing thus make up its most significant components. It is heavier to wear as compared to its counterparts. It is recommended mainly for older skin types as younger skin can often find it blocking pores.

EE Cream
FOR: All skin types
Once again, this one is still biding its time to make a big splash in the market. This is made to exfoliate the skin while moisturising it as well. Unlike the other formulations, this one isn’t for daily use and cannot be substituted for make-up.
PP Cream
FOR: All skin types
Trust the Koreans to keep coming up with new beauty innovations! The latest entrant in their beauty craze is the PP cream which combines the benefits of skincare and a make-up primer in one product. It aims to smoothen the skin while adding a soft ‘pinkish’ glow to your face. It can be worn by itself if you are already blessed with good skin, or can even be worn under your usual make-up. It also contains some moisturising benefits which will ensure your skin stays supple and well hydrated.

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