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Be a Rain Goddess

Maintaining a beauty routine during the monsoons seems like a task to many of us when there are tough outfit choices to be made. To make this task easier, here are a few tips tackle those pesky smudges or zits that may dampen your look.

Tints over powders

While powders may seem  put throughout the day. Usually, tints are a translucent liquid formula that adheres to the skin in the form of a stain like a great option for summer days when the skin is oily, tints are the way to go if you’re looking for colour that’ll stay making your cheeks/lips look naturally flushed. However, if you’re a hardcore powder blush fan and don’t mind taking the time to layer, dusting your favourite powder blush on your tinted cheeks makes the effect more vibrant and long-lasting.

Mind the mascara

A nightmare that has at some point come true for many of us are trails of black mascara running down our cheeks during monsoons. It’s during times like these that we need to go for the big guns i.e. water-proof mascara. A good water-proof formula is the ultimate goof-proof weapon in your stash as it protects you not only against the pouring rain but also unexpected tears. All things said, waterproof mascara is also a tricky product to remove from your lashes so it’s strongly suggested that one resists the urge to rub the lashes too hard and use a gentle (preferably natural) yet effective make-up remover for the task.

Don’t fret over foundations

High coverage foundations and monsoons are best kept away from each other. While coverage should be on your priority during special occasions, a low to medium coverage foundation or, better yet, tinted moisturiser should work well for the rainy season. With the high humidity levels and the probability of getting wet in the rain, high coverage foundations are most likely to clog your pores and leave your skin feeling heavy. Whereas, a little bit of spot concealing paired with a tinted moisturiser will not only make you feel lighter but also leave you looking fresh.


Amp up the glow

The dull grey monsoon clouds make the days look dreary which gives us all the more reason why we should be applying the glow a bit more generously. Adding an extra hint of shimmer in your make-up routine will not only help you stand out this season but will also drive away those monsoon blues that we so often succumb to! The easiest way to do this is by adding an extra touch of your preferred highlighter to your cheekbones or a layer of long-lasting shimmery cream eyeshadow on the lids.

Follow a brush clean-up routine

The extra humid weather is a breeding ground for bacteria which makes cleaning brushes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis a necessity during the monsoon. This especially applies to eye make-up brushes as your eyes are most vulnerable to infection during the rainy months. If you’re a sponge user, then it’s always recommended to wash it after every use but this rule needs to be even rigorously followed during the rains.

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