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This #EarthDay, let’s switch to cruelty-free beauty products and make a difference to the planet. Pick wisely!

The theme for Earth Day 2019 ‘Protect Our Species’ explains the simple fact that a large number of species is being harmed and endangered because of human deeds. The best way to make a difference to environment is by switching to beauty products that are cruelty free and environment sensitive.

The term cruelty free is commonly used today. What does it mean? To put it in simple terms, cruelty free products are ones wherein the product and the ingredients used in it are not tested on animals. There are companies that are certified by PETA, which means not just the final product but ingredients used to make the product are cruelty free too.

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Some reasons why you should switch to cruelty-free products:

  • It hurts animals more than we can imagine

The animals used for testing are confined into small cages, made to live in harsh conditions and tortured. They are bred to live a life filled with fear and ill treatment.

  • There are other testing methods

Companies justify animal testing as the only way to make products. However, there are various methods to test products. Besides, there is already a quantum of products out there which have already been declared safe.

  • It’s important to support the cause

By buying products that are cruelty free, you are showing support to the brands and promoting the cause. In return you’re also making your contribution to the world and being a responsible world citizen.

  • It’s a healthier beauty routine

Using cruelty-free products helps you adapt to a healthier beauty routine. As you know, your skin absorbs whatever you apply. So by opting for products that are free of paraben, harsh chemicals and toxins, you are adding to your skin’s health.

  • Cruelty free products aren’t expensive

There are a number of mainstream brands out there that have a great line of cruelty-free products to choose from. With that, Now that a large number of brands have turned cruelty free, you’re certainly not limiting yourself when it comes to options.

List of cruelty-free products:

NYX eye shadow

The Body Shop BB cream

Wet n Wild highlighter

Smashbox lipstick


Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner

Shahnaz Husain kajal & face mask

Bath & Body Works moisturiser & fragrances


L.A Girl foundation


(Lead image- Pixabay)