Beauty Files: Let your lips do the talking

Trying to pick from the red, pink or berry lip shade? HAIR explains what your choice of colour says about you.









You almost always are the one to put out a fire that would ignite in your friend’s life. Your impeccable listening skills make you the number one friend in all the books. You have a soft romantic side which is often hidden amidst your nature to always play safe and be cautious. Along with the number one friend award you also win the employee of the year award. You have a dedication towards your work unlike no other. When an easy going attitude is coupled with sophistication it creates the best employee: you.










You have a shy nature which sometimes is misunderstood as deliberate rudeness. But once the wall is broken down you are one of the sweetest and kindest human to walk the planet. Your candid and down-to-earth personality is just one of the few traits that your friends love about you. You have a warm personality which makes you the centre of your friend circle. You are known to go the extra mile to bring happiness to the ones around you. You are a sensitive and vulnerable person looking for the right partner to come along and help you handle this side of you.










Bright Red
When you have the confidence to rock the red lip, everything is attainable. Along with your confidence the red lip also shows that you’re passionate for what you believe in. Red is one of those edgy colours that bring out your charming yet daring nature. You are a high energy sweet heart that grabs the attention of the all men in the room. Your ambitious and assertive nature allows you to keep your head straight and strive to be the best version of yourself. When you’re not focused on achieving your goals you love to flaunt your cheeky side too.










Just like you this colour you have the tendency to stand out among your peers. However this doesn’t make you any less approachable. You’re daring and bold a nature not only daunts the men but it also makes you attractive. You are known for your rich taste in music. It is you that your friends ask for the latest and the best music. You have always wanted to be known for your vivid style and fashion sense. You always are on point since you know when to pull off all nighters and when to tone it down a notch.










If your go-to colour is pink on a daily basis then it is quite possible that you are the most jovial among the rest of your friends. You have a bubbly personality that often catches the attention of everyone when you’re in their company. You have a tendency to mix very well with a new crowd. Your dedication to work or play is truly admirable. You are a firm believer in the phrase ‘Work hard, party harder’!