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You may have got the best look on before you leave your house, but somehow all that effort always goes in vain! And it’s not because the product was old or faulty, but because of the commute you had to make to work.

Commuting to work has always been a task for many. The distance, the ‘ever-pushy’ crowd and the heat!. (And if you’re living in Mumbai, the humidity too!). All these factors have been causing a lot of trouble to commuters daily.

Especially to women

Besides including the daily struggle of watching over their clothes, valuables and themselves, women also need to watch over their makeup, which often gets smudgy, and sometimes even wiped-off, when commuting. Thankfully, every beauty-loving commuter isn’t entirely hopeless, because there are a ton of tricks you can use to protect your done-up face.

Below are our tried and tested hacks!

1. Always powder your face

Imagine the amount of dirt we’re exposed to while commuting. The heat and dust reaches our skin in no time, making our skin oily and dirty. One way you can overcome this, is by setting your face with powder. Powder will lessen your chances of being a dirt magnet while locking in your blush, foundation, and the rest of your makeup. That’s because most specks of dirt (sometimes sweat, too!) will bounce right off a non-sticky, well-powdered base, which is exactly what you want to happen.

2. Stock up on a packet of tissues

The unpredictable weather in this country merits extra safety measures. Some days are just more humid than others, making it important to be armed with tissues 24/7 to help you fight off sweat and oil. If you’re on your way to an important meeting, it’s a good tool that will leave you looking as fresh as you did when you left the house. Also you could use blotting papers to soak up oil and keep your oily areas in check.

3. Carry a portable fan

Carrying a portable fan, while commuting (especially by trains), may sound really tiring. But trust me, it’s just naturally refreshing! Positioning a portable fan in front of your face, as you commute to work, will keep your skin from sweating. Besides, it’s less tiring than using a hand fan!

4. Get fancy with some face mist

We know that you already have enough to carry with you while travelling, so if you wish you can ignore this tip.  But if you feel like refreshing up, then consider a face mist. As a matter of fact, why don’t you keep some at your desk, so that you can spray on some mist when needed.

5. Carry a fresh shirt

Consider designating a shirt for the commute. Sweat away in it to your heart’s content, and then swap it out for your actual work attire once you arrive. Even for the rains, you could carry a spare shirt, incase you get wet! Just be sure to go for darker color, as lighter colours like grey and white, are the worst at concealing sweat, and any water patches.

6. Keep extra makeup on hand

If you love wearing makeup, then it’s certain that you’ll be sad to see the sorry state it’s in after your commute. Melted lipstick, oily skin, smeared mascara – let’s just say it won’t be pretty! So either its best that you commute without makeup, and apply it in the bathroom at work. Or just give yourself a touch-up once you arrive. Also, you could keep some mini versions of your favourite makeup on your desk. They’ll be just what you need to look put-together.

7. Stay hydrated

If you’re running around in the sun, and trying not to be late for work, then sweating is inevitable. And that means you’re going to lose fluids. The best way to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated is to sip water throughout the day, even when you’re not thirsty. Consider toting along a water bottle, and snacking on hydrating fruits for lunch.

8. Wear your hair up

If you have long hair, now’s the time to be all about the top knot. Because in the summer, nothing is worse than sweaty strands plastering themselves to your neck. Even in the rains, you don’t want your beautiful locks to get messy and dirty, with the untidy rain water! 

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