Beauty is in the Brows!

Crazy and quirky, conventional and easy, there’s so much you can do with your eyebrows now, thanks to the range of new trends, services, and products. Know it all!

The shape of your eyebrows can often define the way you look. That monthly trip (at times, within three weeks) to the salon to thread your eyebrows is something that you just cannot afford to skip. There’s a deal of regular maintenance when it comes to eyebrows.

How about giving the regular style a break, and experimenting a little (or a lot!) with those very modest eyebrows? We tell you about the latest trends, services, and products.

What’s hot!
While last year was all about super-shaped and well-done eyebrows, Year 2018 is rather about natural arches and textures. The thicker, fuller eyebrows are a fav this year. ‘Textured Eyebrows’, as they are more commonly known as, or natural arch brows, look great on almost every type of face. The deal is — more depth and less shaping.

It may seem bizarre to many of us, but the Halo Brow is the latest trend in the fashion circuit. Very, very different from most other brow styles, this look has been created by social media beauty trendsetter, Hannah Lyne. The Halo Brow, also being termed as the ‘Reverse Eyebrow’, has a halo that spans from one brow to the other.

The other out-of-the-box eyebrow trends are the Bejewelled Eyebrows—accessorised brows, Fishtail brows—eyebrows split in half at the arch with one side flipped upwards to resemble a tail,
and Dip-Dyed Arches—using hues, such as hot pink, for the tails of the eyebrows and then keeping the arches as is in the natural eyebrow shade. Of course, all these funky styles do require a trained, artistic hand.

Service station
We all know about the age-old threading and waxing ways of shaping the eyebrows. And, of course, who can forget the pencil-marked brows! But here are some treatments that are hot and trending: Microblading is an advanced, non-surgical method of creating eyebrows. It is a type of semi-permanent make-up to cover areas that may have sparse or no growth at all. It’s your answer for that permanent arch. It’s perfect for those who love the focus to be on their brows. It’s a time-saver, too, as you don’t have to find and fill in that pencil every other day.
Eyebrow Tattoos are ‘the’ things amongst a number of international celebs, right from Angelina Jolie to Rihanna. This is definitely a painful alternative and can only be done by someone with a rather high threshold for pain. One needs to think a million times before getting an eyebrow tattoo, as one wrong distortion could cost a lot. Of course, a perfectly done eyebrow tattoo can augment your features by adding shape, symmetry, balance, and colour to your face.

Product picks
If you want flawless eyebrows, you need the right tools and products to get it all right. Here are our favourites:

MAC Brow Set: A brush-on gel that is perfect to shape your eyebrows. Available in tinted and clear shades, it strokes the eyebrows into shape, and adds some lustre and style, too.

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Sculptor: This three-in-one brow tool draws, shapes, and sets perfectly bold and defined eyebrows.

Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel: While the pencil defines and fills in with natural, easy-to-blend colour, the sheer-tinted gel styles, shapes, and sets the brows.

Maybelline Define-A-Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil: Available in four shades, this pencil creates natural-looking eyebrows. The comb with the pencil is a big plus.

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set: This is a complete set for styling the eyebrows and is a great investment for beginners. The set comes with two eyebrow powders, an applicator and three templates.

NYX Professional Makeup Proof It! Waterproof Eyebrow Primer: This eyebrow gel sets brows. It has been specially formulated for thin, sparse eyebrows, and has a smooth, conditioning effect, too.