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Beauty Lies in Simplicity and Happiness

Bidita Bag talks at length about her professional journey and her hair and beauty obsessions.

Versatile actress and model Bidita Bag has a diverse portfolio when it comes to print advertisements, commercials and films. A trained classical singer who loves painting, she is also known for her inclination towards socio-political films.

Coming from a Bengali Hindu family in West Bengal, Bidita graduated in Economics from Kolkata. While in college, Bidita pursued a career in modeling and was spotted by Jeena Mitra Banik and ace make-up artist Late Prabeer Kumar Dey. She came into limelight in Kolkata after working for designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Kiran Uttam Ghosh. After graduation, Bidita shifted her base to Mumbai and did advertisement campaigns for various beauty and FMCG brands before getting into films. During an interaction with HAIR, the actress lets us in on her hair and beauty regime.

You started your career with modelling and then came into limelight with fashion shows and commercials. How did acting happen?

Acting was a gradual progression. I started my career with fashion modelling then slowly graduated to television commercials. While doing advertisement films and commercials, I started learning the basic nuances of acting. For me, that was a training ground to finally realising my ambition of becoming an actress.

Tell us about your professional journey? Was it easy for you to make a foray into Bollywood?

I started my career as a small-time model and then went on to do some of the biggest advertisement campaigns in this country. I also worked with some of the biggest designers. Gradually, I started getting offers for Bengali movies and other regional movies. But no, my foray into Bollywood was not easy.

You’re a trained classical singer and also into painting. When do you find time for your hobbies?

Honestly, I do not find time for my hobbies at all. Personal time is quite rare in our field of work. However when I do find sometime, specially between acting and my other work, I like to keep myself engaged. Someday I want to sing for myself.

You’ve been the face of many beauty brands. How would you define beauty?

I truly believe in the adage that ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. Our country has diverse beauty spanning from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from the Northeast States to the Arabian Sea. Personally, I feel beauty lies in simplicity and happiness.

The best beauty compliment you’ve ever received.

I have been told that I have a very versatile face and moulding it according to different characters is simple for my directors. I take that as a compliment.

Being under harsh lights constantly can damage your skin? What is your skin go-to hair hack at such times?

I would particularly say that eat healthy food exercise and moisturize your skin for overall beauty regime but one go to that I have is apple cider vinegar which helps my skin recover from small irritants.

Do you love hitting the spa for relaxing treatments?

I love all sorts of good massages, especially Thai massages and foot massages.

Hair tends to get damaged with excessive use of chemicals in the hair. What solution works for you on a bad hair day?

If I have a bad hair day on the day of a shoot, then a good hairstylist obviously saves my day, of course on a lighter note. But for good hair, you need to cleanse your scalp regularly, wash with a mild shampoo and follow it up with a conditioner. Heat treatments and styling treatments need to be avoided as much as possible. Semi-permanent chemical treatments such as perming, bonding, colouring, etc damage your hair and should also be avoided.

What’s your hair regime like?

The best hair regime is, clean your scalp regularly, oil your hair at least thrice a week, use a mild shampoo to wash your hair followed by a nourishing conditioner and once in a while go in for hair spa for deep-conditioning and smoothness.

Is there any hair / beauty sin you have committed?

Yes, I had committed a terrible hair sin when I was shooting for a hair colour commercial. I had to colour my hair burgundy but the director felt  that the colour was not bright enough hence bleach was used on my hair followed by deep red colour and that left my hair dry like hay, but never again.

Do you believe in using natural products?

I love organic products and I do have a few of my favourite products. For my face I use heavy moisturisers and cold creams; for my body use virgin cold-pressed coconut oil which is also good for hair; I also use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner for hair. I do not believe in using chemicals on my body as they have a long-lasting negative impact. Natural or organic products are good for all of us.

Would you like to share some special tips with the readers?

My best tip is: stay stress-free and happy, eat well, exercise regularly and experiment with products (but don’t go overboard) and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Bidita’s beauty obsessions

My beauty philosophy: Less is more.

My everyday look: Eyebrows, just a touch of mascara, lipbalm, cheek tint

My make-up mantra: Minimalism

My favourite beauty trick: Less is more

My beauty blunder: Red lipstick sticking on teeth

One trend I absolutely love: Winged liner and red lips

My go to hairstyle: Lose, curly hair

My best hair hack: Lose hair, ponytail, braids, buns, French rolls

My beauty essentials: Lip balm, lip and cheek tint, moisturiser, eye brow pencil, kajal

My beauty shopping list: None. I’m practising minimalism