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Best Beauty Books to Read

A book is your best friend and so is make-up. So a combination of both would be an absolute delight, isn’t it? Under the umbrella of health, skincare, make-up, hair and nails, we bring you the most interesting and knowledgeable beauty books you must read.

Nailed It

Author: Marian Newman

The legend behind fantastic nails on almost every high fashion glossy page is Marian Newman. With an expansive career spanning over 20 years, she knows the nitty-gritties of manicuring and has penned down all her experiences and learnings into this aesthetic book.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual  

Author: Bobbi Brown

The woman behind the eponymous brand has garnered her experiences, and everything you need to know about make-up into a book. From detailed how-tos to top secrets of make-up artists, Brown’s guide will be the only book any woman will need to look fabulous.

Francois Nars

Author: Francois Nars

The legend behind the iconic make-up brand, Francois Nars is a memoir of his work, passion, creation and inspiration behind his products and looks. The luxurious volume takes us through his high-fashion journey, giving us exclusive insights into his life.

Shahnaz Hussain’s Beauty Book

Author: Shahnaz Hussain

Shahnaz Hussain’s Beauty Book is an ode to the natural Indian beauty secrets and an elaborate teaching from all things beauty and hair to caring for your eyes, hands, feet and even health and fitness. This extensive guide is all you need to refer to for having healthy skin and a glowing face.

How to Heal your Metabolism

Author: Kate Deering

How to heal your metabolism questions everything you know about health and nutrition. It parallelly educates you on how eating the right food, consuming the appropriate amount of water, sleeping and exercising can heal your broken metabolism and help you achieve beauty inside out.

Hair – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Author: Dr Akshay Batra

Hair is a knowledgeable log which tells you everything you want to know about your crowning glory. A lot of health-related issues are attached with your hair and Dr Batra explains them in detail along with answering questions on hair health and hair fall.