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Best Eyeshadow Trends for 2020

Are you looking to give your 2020 eye make-up game a major shake? Then here are some trends you need to follow:

 Floating eyeliner – The latest and hottest eye make-up trend, the floating eyeliner trend is the right amount of quirky and chic. Go give this a try!



A burst of colours – Give your lids a burst of colours and jazz things up a little. The look is vibrant, elaborate, fresh and young.


Patterned eyeliner – Love patterns? Why stop at a single swipe across your lashes. Bring your imagination into play and draw leaves, flowers, checks or abstract art for some drama.



Animal prints – An eye-catching trend, animal prints are easy to create, they are stylish, wearable and will ensure the spotlight is on your eyes.



(Lead image: freepik)


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