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Jonesing For A New Hair Colour? It’s Time to Give Blue Hair a Shot!


Step away from the prudent purples and wary violets. Blue hair is where the real action’s at!

Whether you opt for turquoise, ice, or powder blue, it is guaranteed to make heads turn. And contrary to popular belief, blue hair colour does in fact go swimmingly well with Indian skin tones. At HAIR, we are definitely partial towards the bold vividness of a rich turquoise.

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For those who are a bit apprehensive, know that you don’t have to go completely blue; blending in some purples, violets, and greens is a great way to slightly mellow down bright blues.

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The dip dye technique is perfect for incorporating some blue into your hair! If you fall out of love with it over time, a simple trim is all it’ll take to be blue-free once again. Although why anyone would not love their blue hair forever, we don’t know.

And it’s not just girls who are having all the fun. Guys are jumping on the blue hair bandwagon, and we are lovin’ it!

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Think blue hair can’t be subtle? Think again. Blending in deeper shades of blue is far easier on the eyes than you’d imagine.