Beauty Makeup

The Bold & The Bizarre

Move over all things natural and classy—the 2017 make-up trends list gets bolder, edgier and wackier. Sukriti Shahi rounds up the most eye-catching and bizarre ones that are taking social media by storm.


Instagram / (L) stella.s.amkeup / (R) lavikashetty
Eyes are undoubtedly the most played with facial feature. There is no limit to the number of experiments one can do with them. Eyeliner art and eyebrow shading is the next big eye make-up trend. A step up from graphic liners, we now have art liners—ranging from simple to intricate designs—that have taken make-up artistry to the next level. Floral or animated, if you have steady hands and a keen eye for design, then you must go for it. Add a bit of quirk by shading your eyebrow with any complementing colour and your red carpet look is ready.

Instagram / (L) lips_mermaixx / (R) carbonfairy
From nails to lips and now hair, the holographic trend has taken over! It’s sassy, it’s unique and it’s there all over. Mixing blonde with pastel shades to bring out a metallic touch, the holographic trend is here to stay. Give a much-needed break to the usual hues and dyes; here is a colour trend which incorporates a soothing blend of shades.

Instagram / chic_wor1d
While we were still making peace with voluminous and false-lash season, little did we know that there will be a ‘lash revolution’! We now have miniature LEDs glowing over eyelids. No, we aren’t joking because LED eyelashes are for real. False but fierce, these are powered by batteries which you can hide behind your hair using clips. Wait for these lashes to make their way to India and then bling on as a futuristic beauty.

Instagram / vanitakothy
Ombré and two-toned lips took 2016 by storm. Following that, we saw bold and offbeat shades, a bit of glitter here and there, and nude and clean lips all through 2017. Now that we are approaching Autumn/Fall season, patterned lips and lip art are touted to be the game changer. Bolder colours with captivating patterns painted over them are gripping and look oh-so-stylish. From ramp to reality, trendsetters are vouching for this trend.

Instagram / (L) athenapaginton / (R)
The year gone by was all about bushy, natural eyebrows. As we were slowly settling in with it, 2017 eyebrow trends wooed us a little bit more. More than that, no matter how weird they seem, these brow-style lineups are irresistible to try. What caught our eye as soon as it appeared on social media was combing your eyebrow in different styles—centre part your brow and fix them in two different directions for a feather effect, or on four alternate sides with sharp edges to bring out a barbed wire look.