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Braids So Beautiful

Love to wear braids, but not sure how to braid? Veena Ramamurthy, Style Director at Jean-Claude Biguine Salon & Spa–Bangalore gets you covered with glam hairdos. Try them on and be a braided beauty!

Experimenting with braids has never been so easy, we say! These simple and effortless braided hairstyles are what you must try to take your hair game several notches higher. Go, make an impression for your next zoom call.

The Blowout Braid

This hairstyle can be done on a regular basis at home. All you need to do is, take an equal portion of hair from both sides. Twist your hair around on the two sides and take it behind. Now fix it with a knot. You may tie it into a ponytail and twist the hair around it.

The Back Twist

This hairstyle can easily be done at home. Wash and towel dry your hair. Use some styling product that can hold the hair in place. Then divide the entire portion into four sections. Twist the two front sections to make braids, then fix them behind.

The Side Braid

People who love braiding can try this side braid easily. Take a portion of your hair from one side. Make a thin braid as you’d normally do it or make a French braid on the side, tying a band at the end. Leave the rest of your hair as it is.


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