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Bridal Hair Countdown


Got plenty of time or none to plan the big wedding? No matter what your timeline is like, we have a hair care and style routine in place that will let you flaunt your dream mane on your special day.

Venue, outfits, guestlists, menus—amidst all the hustle bustle for the wedding planning, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. It’s understandable that you may not have factored in your hair routine so early on in the planning stage, but that’s quite a big blunder to make. Afterall, the spotlight isn’t going to budge from you even for a second on your big day! And also, who are we kidding, you need to look perfect when the shutterbugs click you for the wedding album and later for your Instagram posts! To make things easy, we’ve put together a hair calendar for you which takes care of everything from your care routine to appointments, completely based on how much time you have before your wedding. So whether you’ve got a lot of time to plan or none, get cracking on this list. Your time starts now!

If you have 6 months:
For a wedding that’s planned well in advance, you’ll find yourself with ample amount of time to settle down on an ideal haircare regime for yourself. First and foremost, book a consultation with a trichologist. The experts will help you narrow down on a routine and will also help you with your dietery requirements to make sure your hair is healthy from the inside out. Also, now is a great time to experiment with hair colours and treatments such as cysteine. This gives you ample time to figure out whether you like what you try, and you can simply redo the same thing for the wedding. If you want an A-list hairstylist, it would be wise to get in touch with them now and book them well in advance too.

If you have 4 months:
When working with this time frame, stay away from any extreme hair experiments. You can still go in for colour trials, but chemicals treatments are not a wise option. With four months in hand, you can start with vitamin supplements for your hair, after a consultation with a dermatologist. Book yourself a stylist right away and settle on some hairstyles. Tip: start a new Pinterest board on bridal hairstyles and save as many reference pictures as you can. Hairstylists understand better with refrences so it’ll be a huge help to them, and to you as well as you try to explain your dream style to them. While finalising styles, settle on what makes you feel confident and like the best version of yourself.

To further improve hair health, start going in for regular hair spas that suit your hair’s needs. Whether you try one for damage repair or hydration, go in for one at least once a month. Now is also the time to settle on a nice haircut, one which you only have to get refreshed just before the wedding day.

If you have 2 months:
Don’t have much time before the wedding? Don’t worry. Start by taking care of your scalp and hair by going in for not just hair spas but also relaxing head massages and hot oil treatments. We understand that it’s a stressful time so close to the wedding, and these will help you relax.

With little time in hand, stick to tried and tested things—book a trusted hairstylist who knows your hair as well as your preferences. (Combine that consultation and trial session for the style to save time). Also, now is no time to experiment with anything new, be it products or treatments, as you never know if they will suit you or not. Trust your hairstylist to give your hair a nice trim to freshen up your hair look.

2-3 weeks to go…
With just days left in hand, we advise all brides to simply relax! By now, we’re sure all the major hair concerns will be taken care of, so leave all the wedding planning to family and friends and kick back for some pamper time. Go in for that head massage, treat yourself to a spa day and try to leave all stress behind (stress will cause major hairfall, don’t forget). Try schedulling appointments for a trim and colour touch-up about 10 days before your ceremonies start.

With everything taken care of, smile, breathe and get ready to enjoy the big day!