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HAIR tells you all you need to know about dry brushing—your one-stop solution to exfoliated, invigorated and smoother skin! Are you ready to try it?

What comes to mind when I say “exfoliation”? Undoubtedly a care must-do for the skin, right? Well, if you’re so particular about tending to the skin on your face, then it’s time to pay attention to the skin on the rest of the body too! To help you with this is an age-old (but forgotten) practice that’s gaining popularity again—dry brushing! It’s a great technique to exfoliate the skin throughout your body, thus benefitting aesthetically and also improving its health by boosting circulation and by stimulating your lymphatic system. The technique to do this is deceptively simple and exactly how it sounds—it involves scrubbing your skin with a brush, usually before you shower. Scratching yourself in this manner doesn’t exactly sound like pampering at its best but it has numerous benefits:

Benefits of dry brushing:
Exfoliation: This has to be the most obvious and noticeable benefit. Dry brushing helps you rid your skin of dead cells and unclog pores to reveal noticeably smooth skin.

Stimulating the lymphatic system: The lymphatic system carries blood all over your body and brushing in circular strokes directed towards the heart assists in lymphatic drainage, thus releasing toxins from the system and providing a thorough detox.

Reducing cellulite: Cellulite is a bane that troubles us all and if for nothing else, you must try dry brushing for this benefit. The brushing action softens the fat deposits and bumps while releasing toxins, thus helping to smoothen the skin and banish cellulite.

Boosting circulation: The gentle dry brush strokes improve blood circulation throughout the body and also make your skin look invigorated.

De-stressing: The effects of dry brushing have often been compared to that of a massage as it relaxes your muscles and also energises your body.


Choosing the right brush
To reap all the benefits of dry brushing, it is imperative that you choose the right tools. For the best results, it is ideal to use a brush which has firm, natural bristles with a long handle that can reach all parts of your body with ease. Remember, if your use a brush that is too hard or rough, you can end up hurting yourself and injuring skin cells, which goes against the idea of trying this process in the first place.


The process
Dry brushing can easily become a part of your daily skincare routine; you’ll only need a couple of minutes before your morning shower for it. Starting from the feet, brush your dry skin in gentle, circular motions and work your way upwards your stomach, arms and finally the chest (this is where the lymphatic system drains so work well around this region). You can even try dry brushing your face but make sure you use a specially designed brush for this which has softer bristles than the ones you use for your body. Proceed with your usual shower afterwards and moisturise well to reveal fabulous skin. Here’s a bonus for you: since your pores will be unclogged, any products you use after such as your shower gel and moisturiser will penetrate into the skin and benefit you more!

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