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The Best Budget Lip Balms – 150 Rupees and Under

Designed by Javi_indy / Freepik

A good lip balm should be able to do three things perfectly:
1. Nourish and protect your lips;
2. Fit inside a clutch/small handbag; and
3. Not burn a hole in said clutch/handbag.
Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favourite lip balms that cost Rs 150 or less. Our wallets love them as much as our lips do.


Biotique Bio Berry Plumping Lip Balm (5gm)
Made from 100% botanical extracts, the Bio Berry Plumping lip balm from Biotique delivers some serious fullness to your lips.

Blue Heaven
Blue Heaven Lip Bomb – Bubble Gum (8gm)
Easily one of the more exciting packages out there, the Blue Heaven Lip Bomb makes use of canola oil and shea butter to deliver great moisturising and protection. We particularly love the hip bubble gum flavoured balm.

Lotus Herbals
Lotus Herbals Fruity Fusion Lip Balm (5gm)
This lip balm from Lotus Herbals does a good job of moisturising your puckers, but what we really love is the gorgeous shiny and tinted finish. A dash of glam with a delicious flavour.

Nivea Fruity Lip Care (10gm)
Featuring Nivea’s Hydra IQ technology, this long-lasting lip balm will keep your lips moisturised from dawn till dusk. Prefect for those who forget to reapply and touch up occasionally.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm (4gm)
We don’t have to sing praises of cocoa butter for you to know exactly how nourishing it can be. Besides cocoa butter, this lip balm from Palmer’s packs vitamin E as well as SPF 15 for added protection. The Dark Chocolate & Peppermint lip balm is our personal pick.