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Cast Away Those Winter Woes

Read on for some simple tips to care for your hair as you style up for the party season ahead.

With winter around the corner, protecting your hair from the blustery winds has never been more important. The cold outside and the hot temperatures on the inside often strip moisture from the strands making your hair dry and frizzy. Here are some tips to maintain your beautiful and healthy hair this season:

Although some of us may be facing this problem in all seasons, for some it might just be the winters. The limited amount of moisture in the air during winter makes your hair dry resulting in dandruff problems. However, you can easily get rid of them with a simple home remedy. All you’ve to do is heat your hair oil and squeeze some juice out of a fresh lemon. Rub the juice over your scalp and then massage your hair with the hot oil. This will help you reduce the dandruff from your hair.

Static Hair
A dry scalp often produces fewer oils which makes your hair static. In such cases, brushes with natural bristles rather than plastic brushes or combs will help redistribute the oil from your scalp to the rest of your hair and hence make it less static.

Frizzy Hair
Our hair needs an extra bit of care during winters. In order to avoid dry and frizzy hair, try restricting your hair washes to twice a week and ensure that you use a conditioner. Also, make sure you condition your hair regularly in order to avoid the dryness. You can also sometimes opt to skip your shampoo and rinse your hair with the conditioner to save your hair from becoming very frizzy and keeping it moisturised and clean.

Split Ends
Getting a haircut done at regular intervals is a good way to maintain the quality of your hair even during winter. Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks, or light dusting of the ends will help in avoiding the problem of split ends and dryness.
Also, with New Year just around the corner, we thought we could give you some advice on pre-party and post-party hair care for this festive season. So read on to look your best all month long.

Pre-party hair tips:

Pony tail: This is one of the simplest hair styles you can rely on even on a bad hair day. A clean and neatly tied pony tail will not only look stylish but also hide the multitude of bad hair.

Simply Straight: Straight and smooth hair always looks sexy and glamorous. Apply a straightening cream that suits your hair requirements, blow dry your hair just before you head for the party and voila! You’re sure to steal the show that night.

Curl it up: A head full of tumbling curls looks hotter when you turn your sleek hair into those curls. You can simply do this with the help of curling cream and rollers. Apply a hair spray for it to stay the entire night.

Lifeless locks: Want to add that last minute oomph factor to your hair? Simply dry your hair upside down, apply hair spray to your damp hair roots and blast your hair with a hairdryer. Flick your hair back for a rough look and make heads turn when you walk.

Post party hair tips:

Moisturise & clean: Wash your hair with warm water and use an aromatic shampoo that is rich in formula and takes care of the damaged locks. Also, use a conditioner to keep your hair moisturised and frizz-tamed. The aroma will free your hair from all the sweat and other smells a party brings along, making your hair feel refreshed.

Get rid of the product build-up: All the chemicals that have got into your hair through the sprays and creams have left your hair feeling dry and lifeless. Crush an aspirin and mix it with your shampoo—the salicylic acid in the aspirin will help remove all the product build-up and other impurities, thus giving way to fresh and clean hair. Make sure this is followed by a deep conditioning treatment to replace lost moisture and add shine.

Deep conditioning treatment: A deep conditioning treatment adds extra nourishment to your hair when it is in need of a detox. Comb your hair to remove the tangles once you’ve used the treatment and you’ll be left with soft and smooth hair.


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