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Your 6 Step Bridal Prep

HAIR helps all you to-be brides –as well as grooms–on a list of appointments you need to book in time to look flawless for the wedding. 4 Months Prior Skin...

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Time for Some Pampering

Sign up for these heavenly treatments and makeover to glow like a goddess on your d-day. The Apricot and Lemongrass Body Polish Benefits: Removes dead skin...

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Amazing Argan

Argan is nature’s precious gift to mankind. The nut is filled with goodness and works wonders on your skin and body. Think argan oil and the first thing that...

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Waxing Made Easy

Continuing with the article on waxing, we share a few basic things you need to keep in mind before and after the procedure. Things to avoid before a waxing...

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Solve Your Waxing Woes

If waxing gives you goosebumps, follow these simple tips to make the procedure easy for you. The very thought of smooth and silky hands and legs is exciting...

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Skin Solutions

Cosmetologist Priyanka Tyagi of Omorfia Aesthetic Clinic, New Delhi, answers your skin queries. Ask now! I’m a teenager suffering from acne. How do I get...

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The Language of Incense

Every time you walk past a bakery, you take a quick glance to see the source of the aroma that’s pulling you in. Walk through a garden and the fragrance of...



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