Beauty Skincare

To Mom, With Love

Chocolates, roses, cards all done! This Mother’s Day, think different as we bring you thoughtful gift ideas served with an extra dose of love and laughter. We...

Beauty Skincare

Salon Pampering For Your Mom

Your mom deserves to be pampered big time on Mother’s Day. Wondering how to manage this during the lockdown? Well, we have got you fully covered. Here’s how...

Beauty Skincare

5 Foods That Boost Your Skin

Having beautiful skin is an indication of a healthy body and good metabolism. Your inner health depends on the quality of food you eat and the air you breathe...

Beauty Skincare

Refresh Your Beauty

Refresh your face at home with healthy summer coolants. Mona Punjabi suggests some DIY recipes! Lemongrass Face Mask With the sun treating us to its scorching...

Beauty Skincare

Now Wax Easily at Home!

The corona virus outbreak has truly made us home-bound! While our routinely salon trips are come to a halt and DIY has become our new go to, we thought why not...

Beauty Skincare

Remove Sun Tan Naturally

We bring you simple home remedies to remove sun tan naturally. Avoiding the sun completely is impossible. But avoiding a suntan is possible. One way to avoid a...



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