Beauty Lifestyle

Self-Quarantine to Self-Love

As offices shut down and public interactions come to a pause staying home is the most feasible option to save yourself from the corona pandemic. While catching...

Beauty Food Lifestyle

Your Pre-Bridal Diet Secrets

Compiled By Being a bride definitely ain’t easy. Amidst the hustle bustle of picking the right venue, flowers, menu, wedding trousseau and the works, you might...

Beauty Lifestyle

A Handful of Timeless Art

An exciting mehendi-ful journey awaits you. Are you ready? Ladies, it’s time to whoop it up as the bridal season—loaded with celebrations and fiestas—is upon...

Beauty Lifestyle

Way to Festive Detox

Troubled by a post-festival hangover? Indulge in a much-needed detox. The festive season has finally come to a halt. After all the over-indulgence in sweets...



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