Beauty Skincare

10 Minutes to a Glowing Skin

Having the right skin products is important in your nighttime regime to help you achieve glowing skin, true. But so is the order in which you apply them on...

Beauty Nail Care

TLC for Your Talons

Make a powerful beauty statement with glam nails. If you’re a nail polish addict and one of those who stock on the latest colours of nail polish or visit the...

Beauty Makeup

All Shimmer and Shine!

The festive season is right here, and we hope you have started preparing for your festive make-up and looks you want to flaunt this year. With family reunions...

Beauty Makeup

Make-up sponge Or Make-up brush?

As the debate continues whether you should use a make-up sponge or make-up brush, we get you some answers! Even if we settle on the perfect shade and product...

Beauty Makeup

Ace Your Monsoon Look

Look your fabulous best this monsoon by ensuring these make-up swaps get an ideal place in your make-up kit. Listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops...

Beauty Skincare

For Happy Hands and Feet

Nimmi Mathai shares quick-fix tips to pamper your hands and feet and make them stay fresh during rains While the monsoon season brings out the incorrigible...

Beauty Skincare

A Dose of Rose

Skin troubles? Rose water is the solution! What if we told you that there’s a miraculous water that could solve all your skin problems? This multipurpose, all...


The Beauty Insiders Guide

We tell you what’s new in the world of beauty this season… Revlon A plush tip for lush lips. Kiss Cushion Lip Tint by Revlon delivers a juicy wash of...


Did You Get Your Beauty Sleep?

Yes, you read that right! Sleep can affect your beauty and we give you reasons to snooze early tonight. The Zzzz is called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. While...



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