Did You Get Your Beauty Sleep?

Yes, you read that right! Sleep can affect your beauty and we give you reasons to snooze early tonight. The Zzzz is called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. While...

Beauty Skincare

Have a Stress-Free Wax

Waxing by itself can be extremely painful. What makes it even worse are the little bumps which arise on the skin naturally after the waxing procedure. Although...

Beauty Makeup

Be a Rain Goddess

Maintaining a beauty routine during the monsoons seems like a task to many of us when there are tough outfit choices to be made. To make this task easier, here...

Beauty Makeup

First Impressions Matter

The key to nailing the interview look is ‘Less is more’. When you are applying for a new job, there a lot of things that you need to consider like what to...

Beauty Skincare

Rulebook to Romance the Rains

Is the rain playing spoilsport in your beauty regime? These beauty hacks will give you an edge and beat your monsoon blues.  As the clouds steadily gather...

Beauty Skincare

Get the Most out of Your Mask

 Amplifying your skincare or pampering your skin is just a mask away. Applying masks, be it sheet or clay, DIY or peel-off, is the definition of self-care...

Beauty Makeup

Goodbye Old Cosmetics- Part 2

Continuing with the story on expiry date of make-up products, here’s what you need to know. As mentioned in the previous part of the story, your liquid...

Beauty Makeup

Goodbye Old Cosmetics!

Did you know using expired make-up can cause havoc to your skin? Make up isn’t designed to last forever. Yes, just like food products, make-up products have an...

Beauty Skincare

Goodies for Your Buddies

Friendship Day is just round the corner and you definitely must be geared up to celebrate with your BFFs and pamper them with goodies. What? Your busy schedule...

Beauty Makeup

The Green Beauty Guide

Did you know that most of our conventional personal care and beauty products are laced with harsh chemicals such as lead, mercury, aluminum etc.? Many such...



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