5 Foods That Prevent Flu

There is a gradual rise in temperature heralding the summer season. The fluctuating temperature may lead to flu, if you are not careful especially during the...


 Food: Fuel Not Therapy 

Are you one of those people who consume food to cope with emotions? It’s time you stopped! The space between hunger & eating, where you make the choice you...

Food Skincare

Nature’s Bounty

Looking for magical ingredients at home to revive your skin this party season? We've got something in store for you.

Beauty Food Lifestyle

Your Pre-Bridal Diet Secrets

Compiled By Being a bride definitely ain’t easy. Amidst the hustle bustle of picking the right venue, flowers, menu, wedding trousseau and the works, you might...

Beauty Food Skincare

Seeds: Packing a Punch!

Small in size yet packed with goodness, seeds have multiple benefits for consumption as well as topical application. HAIR tells you how you can make the most...


Cardamom: The Beauty Queen of Spices

As you add a dash of cardamom to your steaming cup of chai on a rainy day, Brinda Gill urges you to explore the numerous beauty and health benefits that this...

Care Food Hair

Tea Treatments for Fabulous Hair

If you thought that benefits of tea were limited to just drinking it, well, think again. Aanchal Kataria tells you how these magic leaves can work wonders for...



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