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Tame Your Tresses This Monsoon

Does monsoon change your hair from being a masterpiece to a wet frizzy mess? All you need is a monsoon hair handbook to reclaim your lost sheen, guides...

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Know Your Combs

Combs are the oldest and earliest grooming device that the archaeologists found. The first comb ever was found in Sweden dated back 2500 BC. Over the...

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Power Foods for Hair

Long, strong dark black hair is what we all desire. Interestingly your hair grows only 15 cm per year. How fast hair grows also depends on factors like age...

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Spritz and Get Refreshed

Hair suggests vitamin-packed homemade hair mists to add that perfect shine and finish to your hair. The chill in the air and the cold wintry mornings are long...

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6 Ways to Accelerate Hair Growth

We share with you a few golden rules on how to accelerate hair growth and make everyday a good hair day. Massage your scalp A standard scalp massage increases...

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From Hair Woes To Hair Wows!

Don’t let your hair problems ruin your holiday. And, well, don’t let your holiday ruin your hair either! Here’s a ready hair reckoner to fix your holiday hair...

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5 Hair Benefits of Curd

Curd is an excellent tonic for hair health. Here are five ways in which curd benefits your crowning glory. Treats dandruff Grind 6-7 black peppers and mix into...



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