Hair Style

Rock On

The cool evening breeze, great music and not a care in the world! There’s a whole lot of fun stuff coming up in the months ahead. If you’re planning to attend...

Hair Style

The Style Guide

Find your perfect cut, colour and style inside… Cut Me Fringes Get bang up-to-date. Colour Me Candy Start 2019 on a sweet note. Style Me Braids A knotty affair...

Hair Style

Style Me Straight

Style Me Straight Glamorous per fection.

Allure Cordless Hair Straightening Brush, DAFNI R 14,999

Hair Style

Artisanal Wonders

Collection: HISTÓLISIS Hair: Charo García @ Salón Ilitia Photographer: Serafín Palazón Fotógrafos Make-up & styling: Salón Ilitia Model: Iratze Moreta Sea...

Hair Style

Retro Vibes

Concept: Enrique Serrano @Salón Gaudí Photographer: Danniel Rojas Assistant: Rubén Vallejo Hair by: Salón Gaudí MUA: Adrian Rux Styling: Arturo Argüelles...