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Trending: Sweater Nails

November has brought sweater weather along with it. And that’s not it. HAIR discovers that this season, you will be wearing your knits on your nails

How To Nails

You Can Now Spray On Nail Polish

You’ll never have to spend another dime on perfect manicures at the salon. How come, you ask? HAIR finds out about spray paint nail polish, the answer to our...

How To Nails


Love expressing yourself in the form of what you wear? Then don’t forget your nails! HAIR'S TANVI DESHMUKH shows how you can channel your inner artist with...

How To Nails

Flash ‘Em Nails!

While your wardrobe gets revamped this summer, don’t you think your nails deserve a makeover too? WE bring to you fun nail trends that you MUST try this season...

How To Nails


Come spring and it’s time for your toes to greet the sun. Make the best of the season with care and lots of fabulous colour.

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Saffron Fever

Bright lips and brighter tips — we seem to glimpse a bit of orange wherever we go these days. SOHINI DEY discovers why it is the colour to fall for this season.