No Toxins, No Harm

Of all the members in your beauty arsenal, nail polishes contain the most suspicious chemicals. With the beauty industry and the customers getting ingredient...

How To Nails

Nail Game Strong!

Team HAIR spoke to O.P.I Global Educator Chelsea Baart to know more about the hottest nail trends and her views on the Indian nail industry. What are the...


Nail It!

Looking for some nail art #inspo, for this festive season? Here are 6 designs that you can glamorously carry with your desi look this Diwali. The Black French...

How To Nails

Nail Knacks

Even the most basic of nail care routines begins at home. Discover how to get it right. As they say, no amount of make-up compares to a naturally healthy...


Trending Nail Art Designs for 2018

Now-a-days nail art is not only subjected to painting the nails with different colours but also trying out different patterns and experimenting with various...



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