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5 Tips To Keep Your Beard Irresistible

With great beard, comes great responsibility. This World Beard Day, let’s embark on an epic beard growing voyage. Men keep beards for various reasons. To sport...

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Dutt’s it

On Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt’s 61st birthday, we look at the most iconic characters he has played on the big screen over these years.   Sanjay Dutt has...


Becoz You’re Special Dad

Men need some TLC too. Here, we’ve rounded up some grooming products (and a skincare routine) that are just about right for that special man in your life –...


To Dad, With Love

Father’s Day is here and you want to pamper the most favourite guy in your life. Check this list of cool and exciting gifts you can shower him with. Happy...

Cut Hair Men

Give Yourself a Haircut at Home!

Hello Handsome! We hope the quarantine is treating you well. With the wave of novel ‘coronavirus’ we are forced to stay low and stay safe and since...


Hey Handsome!

In the past, getting men to wear makeup was a perpetual hard sell but the stigma is dissolving in the face of overwhelming logic. We’re going to break the...


Man crush Monday: Jason Momoa

It is #MancrushMonday and HAIR has picked this week’s hottie. It’s got to be super fun being Jason Momoa. You get to wear long luscious locks, ride cool bikes...


Man Crush Mondays: Siddhant Chaturvedi

It is #MancrushMonday and HAIR has picked this week’s hottie. He charmed his way into our hearts with a powerhouse performance as McSher, a poet who raps, in...



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