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Celebrating Navratri: 9 Days 9 Colours

Celebrate the artistic flamboyance of 9 colours with a style guide to the 9 days.

The joyous 9-day festival of Navratri is here, a time to dance the night away, eat scrumptious food, and your absolute best in traditional attire. Navratri festivities are symbolic of the nine avatars of Goddess Durga represented by wearing a different colour each day, signifying the distinct qualities of the deity.

Let’s celebrate the nine avatars of Goddess Durga with 9 colours.

RED – For Beauty & Fearlessness

Fire up your style game in fierce reds, crimsons with the right embellishments and classic makeup.

Outfit by Vedika M

ORANGE – For Energy, Warmth & Happiness

Make a subtle yet memorable statement in vibrant shades of orange in printed or embroidered ensembles and elegant look.

Outfit by Ridhi Mehra

YELLOW – For Happiness & Brightness

Channel that morning sunshine with plush, flowy fabrics, complementing accessories and bright makeup.

Outfit by Sukriti & Aakriti

GREEN – For New Beginnings & Growth

Go green with panache. If you’re not one to experiment, incorporate green in your accessories and effortless style.

Outfit by Sukriti & Aakriti

SEA GREEN – For Fulfilment & Aspiration

A versatile hue that transforms any look from day to night in a jiffy. Wear it with classic toned accessories and you’re good to go!

Outfit by Sukriti & Aakriti

ROYAL BLUE – For Elegance & Regality

Exuding regality, royal blue is a classic pick for all occasions, but those involving Dandiya sessions are more than welcome!

Outfit by Vedika M

PURPLE – For Intellect & Peace

The unusual, unconventional and unexpected hue, purple charms your audience in a way they’ll never forget!

Outfit by Vedika M

GREY – For Strength & Transformation

Subtle yet elegant, grey is a sartorial take on flamboyant beauty.

Outfit by Ridhi Mehra

WHITE – For Peace, Purity & Sophistication

Nothing speaks sophistication better than classic ivory or white! Add tone on tone embroidery detailed to it and you’ve got a perfect match for the festive season.

Outfit by Sukriti & Aakriti


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