Choosing The Right Blush As Per Your Skin Tone

A tad bit of blush goes a long way!

Not only does it warm up your complexion but it also creates the illusion of cheekbones, and makes you look younger. (Yes really!) But choosing the right blush as per your skin tone is also necessary.

Like foundation and concealer, your skin tone plays a huge part in hunting down the perfect blusher. Cause the moment you swipe on a wrong shade, your makeup enters the clown zone. And you definitely don’t want that! But getting the right colour to accent your skin tone will make your Friday night makeup, and just about everything else in life, much better.

So if you find yourself picking up the standard red or pink, every time you visit the beauty counter, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s some of the most flattering hues, of blushes, for every skin tone.


For Deep Skin

Deep or ebony skin tones need bold, intense pigments – as something too light or milky will read as ashy against the skin. Therefore, you might want to consider giving away those pinks and corals., as such shades will not compliment your skin tone well. In fact, vibrant shades like matte red, or shades like raisin brown and bronzed sienna are much better suited for this skin tone.


For Dark Skin

Rosy hues or candy pinks might work well on darker skin tones, but they have a tendency to look a little frosty or doll-like! Instead, deep shades of red, orange and brown are ideal blush colours for those with a darker skin tone. But, if your skin tone tends to be warmer, a bold tangerine is best suited.


For Olive Skin

Finding a blush for olive skin can be tricky because of its green and yellow undertones. In fact, these undertones can make the skin look a little swallow sometimes. Thus, a wisp of blush should be perking the skin up, and not make you look like a clown! Warm shades, like orange-y peach and rose are the ideal blush colours for both dark and light olive skin tones. Alternatively, one could also use a bronzer, as a rich bronze could add a natural blush effect to olive skin tones.


For Medium Skin

If you’ve got this skin tone, then you suit most shades. Your best bet? To invest in a blusher palette. That way you can tailor your make-up to the seasons – warmer in the winter when your skin needs a boost and softer and peachier in the summer. You can also play around with different finishes and textures depending on your mood! However, just make sure that the blush you pick doesn’t have a lot of white in it, or you’ll cancel out your natural tan.


For Fair Skin

Generally, pale pink is the shade most people with fair skin blush, so as a blush, it looks natural. But, that’s not it! Shades such as peach, soft rose, sheer plum or light coral could also work well on fair skin tones. Steer clear of anything too warm, though. It’ll only make your skin look muddy.


For Porcelaine Skin

For those who have a porcelaine (or rather a pale) skin tone, skipping those blushing-bride pink blushes altogether, is best. Such shades could make the skin look too obvious and harsh. On the other hand, muted tones work well on such skin tones. Our personal favourite: a shimmery beige!  

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