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Say hello to Wonder Color Ammonia Free by MATRIX—the new ammonia-free fashion hair colour palette with 10 exciting shades, specially formulated for Indian hair and skin tones.

Something new, something fresh, something exciting— aren’t we all always demanding this when we see our hairstylists for colour appointments? Thanks to social media and the influx of numerous new Indian as well as international trends that are so easily accessible now, consumers are more aware of what they want, and how exactly they want it. This is true not just for the colour and style—the Indian consumer is growing increasingly picky with their colour products as well. They are considering factors such as whether the colour products are ammonia-free, how longlasting and damage-free they are. Knowing and understanding this, MATRIX launches Wonder Color Ammonia Free—a new nourishing, long-lasting and ammonia-free hair colour that stands true to consumer needs. This is a range of 10 shades from the brown, black, red, plum and gold palettes, delivering true-to-tone colour results. These shades are perfect to complement Indian skin tones, and are specially crafted to work on dark hair.

What’s great about Wonder Color Ammonia Free?

• 10 exciting shades: There are 10 exciting shades to choose from! This range has natural and fashion colours in red, brown, black, plum and gold tones.

• 8-weeks colour lock: Wonder Color Ammonia Free comes with a revolutionary colour delivery system where the colour molecules penetrate uniformly, deep inside the hair fibre to give you even and vibrant colour that stays intact for up to 32 washes.

• Even, true-to-tone colour: The colour delivery structure ensures that colour molecules layer themselves one on top of the other uniformly, ensuring even distribution. This results in colour families staying true to tone despite regular washes.

• Well-nourished, manageable hair: Ammonia-free colours are often reported to dry out the hair, but Wonder Color Ammonia Free’s patented coacervation system and 3 oils keeps your hair nourished and conditioned like never before.

• 5X shine: This product is formulated to give you 5x shinier hair post colouring. Now isn’t that a great thing!

• 100% grey coverage: Use this palette not only for fashion colouration, but benefits.

The Wonder Color Range by MATRIX is available in 10 natural and fashion shades. The shade family includes Reds, Browns, Blacks, Plums, Golds. Shade Numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5, 3.26, 4.56, 5.25, 5.32, 5.8, 6.65.

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