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Spent a bomb on getting a hair colour service that you absolutely love? Then keep it looking as good as new, right uptil you next appointment!

Who can ever forget the feeling of walking out of a salon after a hair appointment—that glitzy sheen on the locks, the perfect swish of carefully blow-dried hair and the vibrancy of your new hair colour! While we can’t say much about the style aspects, we can definitely help you maintain the freshness of your colour with our nifty tips, all without frequent trips to the salon and without breaking the bank!

Don’t wash too frequently
If you love your new vibrant colour, then make it a point to wash your hair less frequently, at least for the first few weeks after getting it. Of course, we’re not urging you to be unhygienic; prolong the shampoo sessions by using products like dry shampoo in small quantities to keep the scalp fresh. While it’s a no-brainer that you need sulphate-free, specially formulated colour care shampoos and conditioners, be mindful to keep an eye on water temperature in your shower too. Hot water can strip away the colour very quickly, and leave you with dry and lacklustre tresses; it’s best to stick to lukewarm or cold water for long-lasting colour.

Go for smart colour techniques
Ombré, balayage, dip-dye—hair that is coloured using these techniques grows out well, without requiring root touch-ups. Plus, since it involves only part of your hair to be coloured, the half-head touch up will also be more cost effective. This also ensures that hair damage, if any, is also in check.

Maintain hair health
Hair colour is only as good as the hair it is applied on. Hair in good condition will retain the freshness of the colour longer. So go for regular hair spas and treatments to keep your locks hydrated and nourished. Also go for regular trims—faded colour on untrimmed and unhealthy tips can make your hair look dry and very damaged.

Exercise caution
Just like you wouldn’t subject chemically treated skin to the harsh sun or sea water, keep your coloured hair shielded against these aggressors. The sun rays can easily discolour your hair, as well as make them dry, so make sun hats and hair sunscreens your best friends. And the salty sea water or chlorine in pools are capable of not just fading but also completely altering your hair colour to a different shade. If you can’t resist a swim, coat your hair with a protective serum without fail. You can even rinse your hair with plain water before hand—this ensures that your hair cuticles swell up with clean water first, allowing less chlorinated water to penetrate the hair.

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