Colour Hair

Colour Explosion

Name of Collection: NOW
Hair: Rafael Bueno
Photographer: Alberto Zaldívar
Make-up: Lulu Pérez
Styling: Desiré Espinosa & Xisco Morales

Rainbow Strands
Why choose just one colour for your mane when you can add them all! This rainbow updo is an absolute stunner. The twisted bun perfectly blends the vibrant colours together to create a visual spectacle.

Purple Passion
Exude vibrance and vivacity with this delicious shade of purple weaved into the strands. The perfect look if you do not want to bleach your entire hair but want to rock a vivid colour!

Tangerine Ringlets
As the weather starts to get warmer, it’s time to adorn brighter shades of colour like the sun. These curls and the beautiful shade of burnt orange will surely give your style a flair.