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Colour So Vibrant

If you’re looking for a hair refresh, here’s a hair colour product to be obsessed with right now.

Let’s face it. Most of us like to play upon with our looks and hairstyles quite often, if not regularly. And if you are aiming at a glamorous and smart change, a hair colour refresh does the instant trick. If you are a big fan of hair colour and love to change it up frequently, we suggest a colour that brings about a hint of transformation in your daily look. However, we all know how frequent colouring of hair, damages hair health. It strips the hair of its natural moisture and renders them dry and damaged, leaving your strands totally distraught and frayed in the long run.

Here’s a quicker, trendier and healthier option to achieve that desired look! Say hello to the all-new L’Oréal Professionnel Dialight. The unique acid gel cream, ammonia free toneon- tone colour gives your hair a silky and vinyl shine, while respecting the condition with natural-looking colour that gradually fades away. Inspired by French beauty, the palette of 14 uniquely crafted shades frame the perfect ‘Parisian Cool’ look and gives the wearer a natural-looking result.

When it comes to colouring hair that has previously been coloured or sensitised, it needs a lot more care. Keeping this in mind, the colours are developed in a way that they lend your hair luminosity without stripping it of its natural and healthy form. The highlight of the product is that it seamlessly blends with natural hair or hair that’s previously coloured.

Dialight is also ideal for toning, colour correction and highlights on weakened hair or for those who want to add a subtle richness to their mane. Its pH acid formula ensures that your hair is cared for while being styled.

Filled with moisture for maximum softness and tenderness, the product makes your hair supple, luminous and shiny. Owing to its easy application, it is an ideal choice for those who live a busy and fast-paced life. With Dialight technology, you can also mix the shades and create a personalised colour to suit your preferences. Thanks to the instant life and intense care and protection it lends to your hair, Dialight is soon becoming a favourite with women on the go.

The latte makeover adds fun, glamour and drama to your look.

With spring in full swing and warmer temperatures slowly setting in, we witness a sea of newer trends in the beauty, hair and fashion industry. One such glam trend spotted recently at the runways was the ‘Latte’ look. All about switching to cooler tones to match with the season, the trend is slowly climbing the beauty and fashion charts.

Putting the spotlight on the latte trend, salon experts and designers Gauri and Nainika presented a colourful and breathtaking showcase of hair, make-up and fashion called the ‘Art of Latte’ collection at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019. The specially conceptualised hair looks inspired from the experts’ newest haircut and colour collection brought the hues of coffee brews to hair colour. Hair was interspersed with pops of colour – from deep copper to vivid berry tones, icy blues to gentle hazelnut highlights – to create statement looks on the ramp.

In tandem with the latte trend, the make-up looks channelled colour to create drama in hues ranging from soft pink sweeps to electric blue, block orange eyes and coral lids, taking from the pantone colour of 2019. The fashion collection weaved a perfect story for everyday glam looks and captured the mood of the free-spirited woman – her confidence, elegance and love for fun and glamour and the desire to stand out without having to try too hard.