Colour Hair

Colour Trends to Flatter Your Look

Usher in the New Year and decade with a gorgeous colour change. It’s a sure-fire way to be all the rage in 2020.

With the new season the irrefutable desire to switch up your look. Haircuts and hairdos do change your look but do not transform it completely. How about waving that magic wand with a touch of new hair colour this New Year? Spruce up your look and reinvent yourself.

With a plethora of colours, shades and styles out there, picking the right shade and knowing exactly how you want your hair to look seems a tough call. Hair colours are not permanent, but they’re not easy to change up either. To make your task easier, we’ve rounded up some stunning colour options that flatter the Indian skin tone along with tips and tricks on picking the right shade for you. Read on for more inspiration on upping your mane game.

All about colours

Did you know that, how light or dark your skin is doesn’t matter when it comes to picking colours. While many of us are well aware of our skin colour, not many know about the undertone— the colour that is just below the surface of your skin. How do you determine your undertone? Simply observe the colour of your veins. If they appear to be more blue or purple you have a cool undertone. If they appear to be greener, you have a warm undertone. And if you can’t tell if your veins are blue or green, you most likely have the neutral undertone.

If the sun’s rays cause your skin to turn red and burn, you probably have a cool tone. But if the rays make your skin tan, you have a warm tone. Another way to find out is by putting on some jewellery. If gold looks better on you, you have a warm undertone, however if silver looks good on your skin, you have a cool undertone. And if you can’t decide which one looks better, you probably have the neutral undertone. With this, we hope we have dispelled the myth that ‘light colours look good on light skin and dark colours look good on dark skin’. Keep this in mind the next time you pick a shade for your hair.

Set with the fundamentals? Now let’s talk colour

  • Brilliant Burgundy

Yes, those bottles of wine from burgundy you loved to guzzle down can now be channelled in your hair. This colour is understated, elegant and versatile and if you are a first timer, this hue should be on your must-try list. This rich and glorious colour looks super classy and stunning without screaming for attention. It manages to look stylish and fascinating on almost everyone.

How to choose: There are several shades of burgundy available off the beauty racks. Choose a lighter shade if you have a cool undertone and a darker, warmer shade if you have a warm undertone. Work with a professional hairstylist to know which shade will suit you best. The colour is sure to boost your look and transform you from a damsel to diva within minutes. Don’t over think this one. Try it; we’re sure you won’t regret it.

  • Ravishing Red

If you are self-assured and confident, get ready for some stares with this one. Almost everyone wants to paint their hair red. It’s no surprise, as this head-turning and eye-catching hue looks great on the Indian skin tone. This hue is vibrant, fiery and vivid and when done right can look ravishing. But, if done wrong, you might end up looking like a bell pepper.

How to choose: In the red colour family there are a number of shades that can work for you—rust, cherry, auburns, crimson. When selecting a shade remember the tip about the undertones. If you don’t want to go all red simply get highlights or streaks in this colour and have ribbons of perfection cascading down your crown. Wear this shade to stand out at those parties and have the paparazzi run after you. We’ve fallen in love with this colour and have no doubts that you will too.

  • Beautiful Brown

If there’s one hair colour that is simply never going to go out of style, it is brown. Dark chocolate, espresso brown, warm butterscotch, pumpkin spice, buttery blonde, rich caramel, cinnamon brown, honey toffee—all yummy and delish sounding. Well, your hair too could look tasty and delish with divine shades of brown. This is one colour that looks beautiful even if you go all out and colour every strand in this hue. The best part about a rich dark brown shade is that it makes your skin glow more and emphasises your features and warm smile.

How to choose: If you are a first-timer and hunting for a colour that is close to natural, try a shade of brown and you absolutely cannot go wrong. However avoid shades like ash browns as they might wash out the skin tone and make you look sickly.

Want to show off your experimental, edgy and adventurous side? Give a go to these funky colours.

Purple Purple suits the Indian skin tone. A head full of purple might be a tad too much but you can opt for highlights or streaks to look stunning and stylish. Opt for colouring techniques like balayage or ombré mixing 2-3 shades of the hue to achieve a fun and flawless look.

Blue – This is a perfect choice for those who want to change their overall appearance. Blue will grab attention at first sight and make you standout. Having a perfect blend of royal blue, dark blue or even just a few strands of blue is a winning look. Now that’s a score, we say!

Teal – Always wanted to be a show stopper? Then teal is a hair colour you must try. In addition to being one of the hottest hair colours, it suits pretty much everyone. Pick the right shade of teal and just walk into the room to be declared a show stopper.

Highlights – Colouring your hair with just one shade seems to be outdated and it might not be the look you wanted to achieve. Sometimes just highlighting is enough to give your look that extra edge. Or opt for one of the current colouring techniques – balayage, ombré, gradient effect, babylights, lowlights, highlights, colour melting and dip dye. The right combination of colours and shades will surely have necks turning in your direction.