#ComebackAlert: The Scrunchies Are Back

The scrunchies are back! And it seems that they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

One of the 80s most polarized accessories – the scrunchies – are finally making a comeback. Decried as a faux pas by the fashion mainstream, for the last entire decade, this hair accessory has finally begun attracting wider appreciation. But there’s a slight twist here!

The catch is that the scrunchies does return, but with a new name. In an attempt to breathe new life into them, Danish designer Line Sander Johansen, gave the scrunchies a new name – Hair Clouds.

Modishly chic, these new scrunchies are way more trendier than its predecessor. They’re laden with sequins, embroidered with flowers, sprinkled with pearls and covered in some fur, and truth be told, we’re just loving all of it!

Keep scrolling down to check out some of the funkiest scrunchies you can shop now.



The Pearl Dotted Pony Scrunchie




The BIG Pastel Fluffy Hair Scrunchie





The ‘Colour Me Happy’ Hair Scrunchie




The Minnie Bow Hair Scrunchies




The Pink Rose Hair Scrunchie




The Velvet Sequin Hair Scrunchie

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