Decoding Colour Correctors


Does that rainbow of correctors in beauty stores intimidate you from trying them on? HAIR shares quick tips to solve that puzzle of colours!

The last time I went to buy a concealer for myself, I came back home sulking…not because I couldn’t find one but because I found too many! The confusion made me decide that my skin is better off without a corrector. Sadly, I do need correctors to even out my skin tone and therefore I, quite literally, researched about them. Out of all that I learned, here are some quick, time-saving and easy ways to choose the right corrector.

Step 1: Figure out the problem area
If you think only the under-eye area needs to be concealed, think again. To even out skin, there are several areas/ spots on our face that need attention. Foundation does not completely cover acne or rigid dark spots, pigmentation and redness. Once you know the problem areas, use the various correctors on the respective areas to combat those.

Step 2: Pick your colour
Yellow Corrector
It works best on light complexion to cover any dark or blue tones specially around under-eyes, exposed veins or bruises. It also helps lifting the face. Use it on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow.

Peach Corrector
For light to medium skin tone, this colour works best on intensely dark under-eye circles as it combats blue and purple undertones.

Orange Corrector
Orange corrector performs the same function as that of a peach one, but it works wonderfully for darker skin tone. In addition to that, it magically covers pigmentation, dark spots and
acne too.

Purple Corrector
This one gives dull and sullen faces a supreme lift. It instantly brightens yellow skin. Use it wherever you skin appears pale or yellow.

Green Corrector
Green is opposite to red in colour wheel; it conceals redness and red zits on the face.

Pro Tips:
In case you get confused about which shade to pick, carefully observe the tone of your skin between nose and cheek. That area rarely gets any redness or pigmentation and will give you the exact shade you require.