Did You Get Your Beauty Sleep?

Yes, you read that right! Sleep can affect your beauty and we give you reasons to snooze early tonight.

The Zzzz is called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason. While you still want to finish that movie or one more episode on Netflix, we strictly advise you to shut the blue lights off and snuggle in your cozy blanket. Though our busy schedules don’t permit us to catch up on those eight hours of sleep, our reasons will compel you to sleep early. Read more.

Cost-free remedy for dark circles

You do not need to stay up searching for the perfect dark circle remedy. Rather, just sleep deeply and in a matter of weeks your dark circles will get eliminated.

No more wrinkles

Bid goodbye to those aging factors as you sleep peacefully. While you dream, your body produces growth hormones including collagen that helps in filling out wrinkles, thus giving you a forever youthful appearance.

Your skin conditions worsen

When you fail to achieve your required sleep quota, even your mild skin conditions get reciprocated. This may lead to aggravated forms such as excessive breakouts and allergies.

Healing of skin

To get your “I woke up like this” look, you need to sleep first. But don’t forget to remove your make-up and cleanse and moisturise your skin properly before you turn the lights off. Not doing so will lead to clogged pores and let the skin breathe in all the toxicity you have gathered throughout the day.

Hello gorgeous hair

Your hair follicles need nutrients and when you get less Zzz, blood flow decreases thus causing your hair to be weaker and making it difficult to grow. So sleep to get gorgeous hair.

Weight issues at bay

Not sleeping enough leads to over calorie consumption that will lead to those extra pounds. So keep a check on your weight by hitting the hay for at least seven hours a night.


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