Easy Cues to Get Festive-Ready

Diwali is the time to go all bright and radiant with your clothes and make-up to match with the festive glow. As the celebrations kickstart this weekend, we bring you super-easy cues to sail smoothly with the festivities and look gorgeous at all times.

Plan your look

To save you from last-minute anxiety, plan your outfit and look well in advance. This will not only save time standing in front of your wardrobe but also give you the extra time to focus on that perfect winged liner!

Carry your beauty box

The festivities of Diwali range from the morning puja rituals to social outings during the day and dinner parties with family and friends. At time, there’s not much time to remove the morning make-up and do a fresh one for the evening. To save you from the hassle, carry a beauty box to help you transition from day to night look. Your beauty box will contain a lipstick, concealer, setting powder and some blush (and kajal for all kohl lovers). You can patch some concealer wherever needed and add some blush and setting powder so that you don’t look flushed out. The pro tip lies in changing your lips from subtle to bolder shades for the night. This will instantly change your look.

Have blotting paper on you

You need a blotting paper to remove the excess oil out and revamp your look. So don’t forget to carry some blotting paper in your bag.

Don’t cake up

As excited you might be to flaunt your festive looks, our advice to you is to review your look and tone it down if required. Remember less is more! Don’t add a full-coverage foundation with a heavy contour as it might look cakey as you sweat. Instead go for minimal coverage and invest time in doing your eyes or lip.

Hydrate, hydrate

An important thing you tend to forget amidst having all the fun is to hydrate your body. Adequate hydration can make your skin glow and look energetic. Your lips will also thank you as you gulp down some H2O.

Manage your hair

The back-to-back festivities of Diwali sure takes toll on one’s hair wash routine. To save you from looking like you just had a champi, we have these easy hacks:

  1. Wash your hair on the first day and tie it into a braid when just damp. This way you won’t have to deal with dripping hair. Give your braid a messy look.
  2. On the second day rock your cool and natural beachy waves by leaving your hair open or doing a half up half down style, if you want hair away from your face.
  3. If you are lucky and your hair isn’t greasy till the third day, you can flaunt it or go for a traditional bun and add some oomph with flowers and hair accessories.