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Easy Snack Recipes to Survive Lockdown 3.0

These easy (and yummy) snack recipes will definitely lift up your mood!

A lot of things have come to a pause during the lockdown, including the scrumptious restaurant delights. Ingredients are scarce right now and so is our patience, but there’s a lot of extra time to gorge on the 5 p.m. snack! So why not try some easy restaurant delights right at home? They may not fit perfectly on the taste factor (we are devoid of appropriate ingredients, remember?), but they promise to lift your mood in these uncertain times.

So bringing you some quick and easy recipes to treat yourself with and to give a pat on the shoulder later.

Mug Brownie

An instant three-minute mug brownie! Do we need to say more?

5 Minute Dhokla

Craving for some spongy dhokla and chutney? This easy recipe will be your favourite 5 pm snack!

Garlic Bread

We’re all missing the pizza and its better half: the garlic bread. But what if we told you, you could make it right at home? Check out the recipe now!

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

You will hang on to this non-processed cookie recipe even after lockdown ends.

Easy Pancakes

Low on ingredients? This is the recipe for you, just some chocolate or maple syrup and chopped fruits on the side and you are good to go!