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Embrace Your Nail Art Blues

Cheer up on dreary days by dressing your nails in blue! We’ve compiled great nail art designs that you can use as an inspiration for your next manicure appointment.
Iridescent shatter glass

Popularised by Koreans, the shatter glass nail trend has created quite a storm these past few months. A dark blue base is layered with cut-up cellophane paper to create unique, reflective patterns on nails, and cured with gel polish for shine and a long-lasting finish.
Marble marvel

A deep metallic blue makes for the perfect accent colour for marble nails. You can bring the look together by adding fun rhinestones on nails, but not too many as these may take attention away from the marbelling detail. Chic and fun at the same time, these are perfect to wear to work as well.
Abstract art

If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll appreciate the precise lines and colours that have gone into this design. The design uses gradients of blue to give off a fresh, beachy vibe. The smart use of negative space also ensures that the overall look doesn’t become too cluttered.

Nail art by: Shonshon Ragui, Technical Director and Educator of LYN India, for Juice Salons.
Photographed by: Dhiman Chatterjee