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Everything you need to know about the Dip Powder Nails

When it comes to nails you can be as creative as you want and if you are creative enough, you’ll always end up with happy nails.

A freshly manicured set of nails feels polished and we’re certain that they won’t chip. On the flip side, we have also experienced sitting at a salon patiently for an hour getting that perfect manicure done, only to reach out to our phone later realizing that the nails got smudged. Your nail quandaries can be solved with a new manicure procedure called the ‘dip powder nails’ that is gaining popularity. The trend isn’t new per se, it first gained popularity in the 1980s and is now making a comeback. Its easy application process is what made it a trend and preferred method of applying nail paints. Though not every salon offers a dip manicure, a process as easy as this can easily be done in the confines of your home.

Excited to know what the dip powder procedure is all about? Well, the process is explained in the name ‘dip powder’.

Start with a little prepping:

  • Firstly, make sure your hands are sanitized well.
  • Then, push back your cuticles


  • Apply a base coat
  • Dip the nail into the powder
  • Gently brush off any excess powder
  • Repeat this process depending on how many coats you may want
  • Apply the final sealant to give it a smooth and glossy finish

That’s all! A simple procedure to get sensational nails.


  • Fast and easy process with incredible results
  • Dip powders are odour free and hence works for people who are sensitive to scents
  • Nail gets evenly painted
  • Feels lightweight on the nails
  • Does no damage to the nail bed leaving it healthy
  • Can last for up to 4 weeks or more
  • A French manicure will be a breeze with dip powder


  • Not easy to remove dip powdered nails
  • Hygiene issues due to many nails being dipped into the same nail polish bottle

The next time you’re not sure of how to be creative with your nails and you aren’t functioning right until you are staring at them, go crazy with the dip manicure, because it is sure to ‘nail’ the issue.

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