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Let your eyes do the talking this party season as you take inspiration from top eye make-up trends.

With masks becoming a part of the new normal, all attention has turned towards the eyes. From bright eyeliner and pastel eyeshadows to cut-crease eyeshadow and fluttering lashes, social media is chock-a-block with eye makeup tutorials. We’ve got Sobiya Moghul, Content Lead, Amazon Beauty, sharing top eye make-up trends that will get your eyes to do all the talking.

A pop of colour: Watercolour eyes, is by far the prettiest eye make-up trend of 2020. The look is soft, lively, and dreamy. You could either play with multiple colours or stick to a single tone. The best styles to try are bright sunset, pastel gelato, rainbow blush or simple monochrome.

Eyes so dramatic: Add a little bit of shimmer fun and glimmer drama to your make-up look with reflective lids. Always remember to apply a layer of primer before you add the shimmer shadow. This helps to keep the pigments intact.

Mismatched perfection: It is time to unlearn make-up rules and flaunt the all-new mismatched eyeshadow trend. From blue and red to black and white, from moonlight and sunset, fuchsia and purple to pink and turquoise, you can now wear both of your favourite colours on your lids at once to make a bold and riveting statement.

Lashing out: The long lashes make-up is the new hot and expressive trend that is here to stay. To create longer and well-defined lashes, you need volumising mascara. The right amount of balanced texture will make your lashes dense, noticeable and more eye-catching.

Eye candy: The floating eyeliner, a classic 60s runway eyeliner trend, has made a high and mighty comeback. The extraordinary style is quirky, chic and trendy and is a favourite with make-up artists. You can either opt for the iconic black liner or get creative with colourful eyeliners.

A piece of art: It’s time to up your eyebrow game by flaunting on-point structured arches. The structured brow make-up trend is a quick and simple way to achieve that sophisticated look without putting in too much effort.


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