Facial Popsicles: your newest skin saviours

Your skin care routine just got a whole lot prettier… and icier too!

People tend to have a love-hate relationship with skincare. Either your skin loves you for putting it on or hates you for skipping it. Likewise, you know your skin needs a different routine almost every few months, especially when the season changes! And if the weather takes a turn for the worse by getting hot and sultry, there’s no better way care for it than with some Facial Popsicles! Yes you’ve heard it right, Facial Popsicles are now a thing. Now there’s two words you’d normally never put together!

That’s because, for long, popsicles have been the ultimate edible luxury when the hot weather hits. Rubbing these icy delicacies onto the face is something completely unheard of. Not to mention, something completely unexampled!

But what are Facial Popsicles exactly? How different are they from the edible frozen treats we savour and what benefits do they provide to our skin? Let’s find out.

How It All Started
The idea of a popsicle facial was first created in France. It’s a frozen serum that you apply straight to your face (No, you don’t eat the facial popsicles). Initiated by a French skincare brand, the frozen serum, labelled as Les Sorbet, won a lot of attention due to its unique combination of high-powered ingredients and a techy new application! All you need to do is simply pour the serum—which is charged with “anti-aging marine superstars and blended with muscle relaxing vegetable peptides,” including hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed elastin—into a push-up applicator, which you then freeze. The frozen serum is then rubbed onto your face and neck straight from the freezer, which adds in relaxing, anti-inflammatory and circulatory-increasing elements. The variation in temperature helps to contract your facial muscles, boost your blood flow and tighten your complexion.

But alas, the 30ml serum is priced at R9,900 plus tax, which isn’t in ideal, considering how small the product is. However, freezing our regular serums might not provide us with the results we are looking for! Thankfully this is no longer the case.

Facial Popsicles
Since the frozen serums are hard to get across the pond, some experts figured out how to get all the glowy skin benefits in a product that you can make right at home. The perfect summer substitute to your normal serum, a skincare popsicle can be made easily at home with some coconut water, rose water, or aloe water, all of which soothe the skin. Some of these super powerful ingredients might already be hiding in your cabinet, too. Simply combine the ingredients of your choice (the ones which suit your skin), pour them in a suitable tray and freeze. Then use whenever needed to reduce puffiness or for a refreshing boost. If you wish, place the lollies back in the freezer for several applications.

However, before you get started, keep in mind that you should make all of the recipes with distilled water because of its neutral pH. Standard tap water is hard water, meaning it has a high mineral count. These minerals disturb and change your skin’s pH and can cause harsh skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

Benefits of Facial Popsicles
The benefits of indulging your skin to this icy treat are many. Just bring in your own fav’ ingredients and whip up your own facial popsicles.

1. It gives a cooling effect…
…especially when it’s hot. The heat causes our skin to perspire, and the locked-in sweat can cause breakouts. Thus, it’s preferable to cool down your skin with this home-made remedy.

2. Treat a sunburn
Skincare popsicles that are infused with various cooling ingredients, such as cucumber and turmeric, can be used to treat sunburnt skin well.

3. A natural toner
Rubbing the popsicles onto the skin not only hydrates it, but also tightens pores, making the face look firm and glowing, with a radiant boost.

4. Stimulates blood circulation
Facial popsicles also help stimulate blood circulation, giving you a healthy-looking face!

5. Reduces under-eye bags
Popsicles made with cucumber extract and rose water can help reduce the swelling caused by water retention and lack of sleep. With regular use, say goodbye to under-eye bags too!

DIY Recipes:
One can make various types of popsicles at home. Just blend in some of your personal favourites and freeze them for a while. And just like that, your facial popsicle is ready to use. Here are some recommended flavours that you can use (and not eat!) at home: Charcoal Crumble (a perfect blend of activated charcoal and organic greek yogurt, for a deep cleanse), A Rosy Affair (rose water, fresh mint and coconut water; it works well for a radiance boost and as a toner), and Soothing Cucumber (cucumber water and organic ground turmeric, to soothe redness caused by acne, and to bind hydration to the skin and reduce puffiness).

So, get creative and combine some of your favorite fruits and serums to make your own personalised popsicles!