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Fascinated by Lara Dutta’s Skillful Makeup? We Tell You More!

A look at some of the best skilful makeup looks in movies till date.

Actress Lara Dutta has been in the news off late, with her unrecognisable look in her forthcoming movie Bell Bottom. For those who are not aware, Lara is playing the character of the late Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi in a political movie Bell Bottom, that revolves around the hijack of 1985.

A single glance at her look and the actress has left all her fans surprised and in awe of her look. She looks an exact copy of Mrs Gandhi. Though the star hasn’t given much insight on the details of the role she’s playing, but she called the transformation a challenging one. With the magic of prosthetic or skilful makeup, white streaks of hair and perfect body posture, she has nailed the look of the former Prime Minister with precision.

From Johnny Depp’s unrecognisable makeover in Alice in Wonderland to Deepika Padukone in Chhapaak and Harry Potter’s scar to Hellboy‘s red facial prosthetic, all sorts of cinematic magic have relied on the skill and imagination of movie makeup artists. From the earliest days of the films, makeup artists have had to combine their art with film-making technology. For example, actors in silent films were made to use heavy yellow make-up. Today, makeup techniques and computer-generated images come together to create visions like Robert De Niro in The Irishman where they covered up the bags under his eyes with two prosthetic pieces. Not only that, but body language and posture also plays a vital role in transformation into a character.

We look at some famous faces that became unrecognisable on screen with skilful makeup transformation.

Ralph Fiennes in the Harry Potter franchise

Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes brought the ultimate wizarding villain Voldemort to life in the Harry Potter film franchise. The look was achieved with detailed white makeup, eyebrow blocker and fake teeth. The makeup artists digitally removed his nose to complete the Dark Lord’s appearance.


Amitabh Bachchan in Paa

This was one of the best examples of brilliant use of prosthetics in Bollywood. Veteran filmstar Amitabh Bachchan looked unrecognisable in Paa as the young boy Auro with a genetic disorder called progeria. The film took aging make up to the extreme with a prosthetic forehead, enlarged nose and wrinkled skin on Bachchan.


Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight had quite the transformation with blotchy white face paint, smudgy black shadow around the eyes and smeared red lipstick painted over fake silicone scars. The look was topped up with limp green locks, giving the overall effect of a ‘ragged clown’.



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