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Festive Ready Tresses

Love your tresses? Follow these tips by Matrix to keep them healthy through the festival of colours.

As we say goodbye to winters, we welcome the warm spring with a colourful kickstart by celebrating Holi, the festival of colours. While drenching in colours, singing, dancing and splashes of water is what we all look forward to, the aftermath of great fun can be unpleasant for our skin and hair. Amidst all the joy and jubilation it takes a toll on the skin and hair. Our focus during the festival is to protect our skin from damage, often ignoring our tresses and forgetting that our mane too requires some attention and TLC. MATRIX, the world’s leading American professional brand offers a professional specialist haircare range Opti.Long Nourish Protect so that your tresses stay protected and nourished through the festival.

Follow these tips to have a Holi that’s worry-free.

  • Leaving your lustrous locks open with an array of colours in them could make you feel like a star but it could also wreak havoc on your hair. Tying your hair in a neat braid will ensure that no chemicals enter them and your hair stays protected while looking chic. Going the extra mile by tying your head with a bandana will not only keep your hair covered, it will also avoid colours from sticking to your scalp.
  • Despite best efforts, you could end up with hair that’s rough and umanageable. Opti.Long Nourish Protect Professional Nourishing Shampoo cleanses the scalp and nourishes and protects the hair. Fortified with Ceramide, the Opti.Long Nourish Protect Professional Nourishing Conditioner helps detangle, nourish and strengthen the hair fibre leaving the hair soft and silky so that it is manageable and tanglefree. A professional specialist care range, Opti.Long Nourish Protect gives upto 98% more nourishment* for your hair.
  • The Holi celebrations can leave your hair dry and lifeless. Hence investing in products such as a leave-in cream provides nourishment to the hair fiber. MATRIX’s Opti.Long Nourish Protect Professional Nourishing Leave-in cream gives a smooth finish to the hair providing it with nourishment and protecting it from split-end damage thereby giving you healthy, tangle-free hair. • Keeping in mind the harsh treatment the hair goes through during the festival, Matrix has designed a Growth Booster Service** that provides your hair with extra nourishment. The treatment that comprises of all the products in the Opti.Long range works at strengthening and giving you healthy hair.

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