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Fight The Frizz

Stubborn frizz finally meets its match in Matrix’s Biolage SmoothProof range.

Tired of trying to tame that frizzy hair? Desperately seeking an effective solution for it? No matter what hair type you have, frizz is one hair concern every woman faces, and it understandably makes the hair look dry, damaged and dull. Surely those are not the words we want to use to describe our mane!

Your crowning glory has all the ability to make or break a look that has been carefully crafted with your outfit, accessories and make-up. Understanding what causes frizz and what happens to your hair when it becomes frizzy is the key to get your mane under control. Humidity is one of the main reasons for frizzy hair. Each hair shaft is made of three layers, when the outermost layer which is the cuticle is raised due to humidity, it allows moisture to pass through, resulting in strands of hair folding back on themselves…resulting in frizz. Lack of moisture and excessive use of heat tools also leads to frizzy hair.

Many products promise to keep frizz out of hair, but not all deliver. This is exactly where Matrix Biolage steps in. Biolage understands that everyday needs to be a good hair day. Hence, it offers BioSpa, a collection of in-salon hair treatments that are inspired by natural ingredients to address every day hair concerns. Biolage, with its promise of delivering nature inspired haircare offers SmoothProof range for perfectly smooth and frizz-free hair. Inspired by the water-resistant camellia flower, SmoothProof BioSpa works to encapsulate hair and protects the cuticles to help lock out moisture for control and smoothness. Clients will experience a truly refreshing and rejuvenating feel with the salon’s exclusive service products such as the Biolage SmoothProof Masque. For best results, clients are advised to follow BioSpa with Biolage SmoothProof Homecare and Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum.

Melroy Dickson, General Manager- Education, Matrix India, believes that “Freedom from Frizz is a great platform for hairdressers to give their clients the confidence to free their hair from frizz. This is also a golden chance for stylists to be a part of Biolage Anti-frizz brigade and be the specialist to handle any kind of frizz related issue.”

Confident that BioSpa is the best solution to tame frizzy hair, Biolage launches ‘Freedom from Frizz’, a challenge for hairdressers with a promise to give their clients smooth, frizz-free hair. To participate in the challenge:
• Hairdresses can encourage their clients to try Biolage SmoothProof Biospa
• Share a testimonial for Biolage SmoothProof range and post a picture of before and after of the client’s hair, with relevant hastags like #freedomfromfrizz
• Select hairdressers can win the chance to have their testimonials featured on Matrix’s Facebook page and be a part of the Biolage Brigade
• Follow for more updates.

Go ahead and ask your clients to take part in this challenge. Help them #daretountie their hair!

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