Care Hair

Fit ‘N’ Fab


Love burning those calories by working out regularly? The health of your hair might be at risk while you tone your body and lose weight. Read on to know more.

Leading an active lifestyle not only keeps the health under check, it calms the mind and helps in relieving stress too. But with all those benefits, your fitness routine might be affecting your hair adversely. We are not saying to quit working out, just be extra cautious with your hair care routine. Listed below are few exercises, their impact on hair health and solutions for you to have a fit body from head to toe, literally!

Dance for fitness
Those who love dancing their way to fitness not only need hair care tips but also some style tips to sport a glam avtaar while dancing.


Solution: Invest in some nice hair accessories which not only make you look pretty but also help in keeping hair away from the face and neck. Try side pigtails—the style looks cute, doesn’t let sweat get trapped in and saves hair from getting tangled. You can also make use of a sweat cap, it looks trendy and absorbs sweat while you dance your heart out. Use deep cleansing products that keep your saclp fresh for at least two days, preventing frequent head washes.

In the pool
Swimming is a great way to keep your body in shape; it tones and strengthens your muscles like no other exercise. However, long hours in the water, specially chlorinated water, can take a toll on your hair health. Though salts are a great way to texturise hair, they can also rip off your hair colour and natural oils.


Solution: Tie your hair in a braid; it keeps your hair detangled and looks stylish. Wet your hair with fresh water before entering the pool; the fresh water coating minimises the chlorine penetration into the hair strands and follicles. You can coat the dry ends with coconut oil to keep chlorine at bay. Wash your hair immediately after swimming; use a moisturising leave-in serum as chlorinated water dries the hair out.

At the gym
All the fitness junkies have a special connection with the gym. Sweating it out on those machines is their favourite pass time! But do you know your locks are averse to the sweat? Also, in order to keep your hair away from the face, you tend to tie it in tight hairstyles which puts too much tension on your hair follicles.


Solution: Sweat makes the hair sticky and therefore you want to wash it everyday after gymming. However, frequent head washing rips off the natural oil from the scalp. Rinse your hair with water and use a mild conditioner later. Do not style your hair in tight ponytails, instead go for pigtails or fishtails. They aren’t too loose or tight, keep hair off your face and are trendier. If you have short hair, use a hair or sweat band.

Cycle your way
There might be lesser women who go out cycling, especially in a country like ours, but those who do know it works like magic in toning and strengthening muscles. It’s one of the most enjoyable (read liberating) fitness regimes one can follow. But like most of the workouts, this one comes with some sad news for your hair. Wearing a helmet when cycling is recommended for safety but your hair strands are unable to breathe under that metal shell leading to trapping of sweat and pollution. It can cause hair thinning, dandruff and greasy hair.


Solution: Have a protein-rich diet, believe us you need it. Try to use a mild hair shampoo and conditioner that works on volumising the hair. If you have long hair, try to style it around the nape of the neck so that it doesn’t get stuck under the helmet and irritate you. Wash your hair with cold water. Try not to use styling products before cycling and make sure your hair is tied and not left open.