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Woke up with a zit covering more than half your face? (Yes, we exaggerate!) Or are puffy eyes dragging you down? Don’t let these steal the spotlight from you this festive season. HAIR’s got your back as we bring to you handy beauty fixes to save the day!

Whether you were partying late into the night, binging on a sitcom session or simply weren’t able to catch up on that beauty sleep, you’re bound to wake up with those pesky bags under your eyes.

Fix: Tea Bags
Tea bags work wonders in eliminating puffy eyes! Soak a couple in cold water and place them over the eye bags, leaving them on for about 15 minutes. The caffeine and antioxidants work their magic to reduce the inflammation, reducing any redness that there may be as well. It also acts as a cold compress, helping further reduce the puffiness. To avoid the problem early on, try sleeping in a slightly elevated position, by perhaps adding an extra pillow under your neck. This will reduce the fluid retention in the under-eye area, thereby reducing the occurance of puffy eyes.

Nothing can be quite as frustrating as having a zit pop up before a big ‘do the next day. All you need is one night to get rid of this nightmare.

Fix: Baking Soda
Grab that one versatile ingredient from your kitchen cabinet that can solve multiple skin troubles—baking soda! Make a paste of warm water, a few drops of lemon and some baking soda and apply this on those pesky pimples. Leave it on for about an hour and wash it off. The pimple, along with any redness surrounding it, will have reduced considerably! Alternatively, dab some honey onto your pimples and cover it with a bandaid before sleeping at night. Thanks to the antioxidant properties of honey, the pimple is sure to have almost shrunk completely the next day! Moisturised, glowing skin when you wake up will be an added bonus.

Dry, chapped lips can mar the beauty of your perfect pout. Fix this by adequate prepping for lips that are positively kissable!

Fix: Sugar
A sugar scrub works wonders if you need to prep your lips and you’re caught without any trusty products. Take a tablespoon of granulated sugar and mix it with some honey or coconut oil. Apply this mixture to your lips and rub gently to remove flakes of dead skin. Let this sit on your lips for about a minute and wash it off. The sugar will exfoliate your lips while the honey or coconut oil will moisturize it. To ensure that your lips stay healthy and plump, make some extra lip scrub and use it twice or thrice a week and watch it work its magic!

If you woke up looking tired, dull and pastier than Edward Cullen, then you’re going to need this.

Fix: Beetroot
Run to your kitchen and grab a beetroot to avoid the fuss of applying layers of make-up to mask the paleness. Simply rub a slice of beetroot on your cleansed and moisturised face, especially on the apples of your cheeks. The beetroot juice will mimic a cheek stain, lending a pink glow to your face that not only looks natural but is also sure to stay on for hours. It also benefits the skin by evening its tone and brightening overall complexion. However, make sure you dab on that beetroot ever so lightly or be prepared to look like Bozo the Clown!

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