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Nimmi Mathai shares quick-fix tips to pamper your hands and feet and make them stay fresh during rains

While the monsoon season brings out the incorrigible romantics in us and has us enjoying a splash in the rains, it also calls for some extra TLC for our hands and feet. Being greeted by cloudy skies, cool winds and soothing droplets while you break-a-leg like one of those Bollywood heroines can be tempting. While this close-to-perfect reverie hardly ever plays out in real life, the reality is about getting splashed by dirty water from the vehicles passing by or stepping into puddles of muddy water. With the unpredictable weather—sunny sky one minute and a heavy downpour the next—our skin bears the brunt of it all. And as excited as we are about the season, it does wreak havoc with our skin, leaving our hands and feet prone to itchy skin, odour, infection, bacteria and fungus. However, you needn’t leave your hands and feet in a merciless situation this rainy season.

Here’s how you can combat the common skin woes to survive those groggy and muddled rainy days and keep your hands and feet smiling through the season.

Limbs so spick-and-span

Keep odour, bacteria and fungus at bay by regularly cleansing your hands and feet in anti-bacterial water. Mix a few drops of an antiseptic liquid or add a few drops of lemon in lukewarm water and soak your hands and feet in for a couple of minutes. Gently rub a loofah in circular motions. Apart from cleaning, a loofah also works as a massage therapy. Rinse using a medicated soap, then pat-dry with a towel. Regularly trim your nails as well and keep them clean, as nails can get dirty during monsoons and are a risk for causing fungal infections too.

Mask your way to smooth skin

Just like we make facial masks to refresh our face our hands and feet too could do with some refreshing masking. The right mask will not just refresh you but also keep your hands and feet healthy and clean. Pamper yourself to an easy-to-whip-up homemade mask using fuller’s earth, orange peel, lemon powder, honey, rose water and glycerine which will ensure that your skin is rejuvenated and nourished. This mask will help restore the smoothness, refresh skin and also help combat odour. A perfect monsoon rescue.

Exfoliation never hurt anyone


Basic cleansing might not deem enough during the heavy downpour. Exfoliation is the key to cleansing during monsoon. It gets rid of any dirt and dead cells build-up. It also invigorates the skin, stimulates circulation and aids in development of new skin. Apply a good quality hand and foot scrub and vigorously massage onto the skin. Gently scrub using a pumice stone or a coarse scrubber, to get rid of any dead skin cells. Avoid going overboard with the scrubbing as it may injure your skin. If you find the do-it-yourself time consuming, a quick trip to the salon for a mani-pedi session too will help your feet stay clean and well-groomed.

Smoothen those rough edges

Rains not only lead to infections but also tend to make your skin dry. After your shower, gently massage your clean and dry hands and feet in the morning as well as at night. Use a light moisturiser or a nourishing hand cream for your hands and a foot cream for your feet. Ingredients such as almond oil or olive oil too work well to moisturise skin. Vaseline petroleum jelly is a wonder product that can be applied onto your nails and cuticles. Wear socks and gloves once you have applied the cream. This will ensure that your skin stays nourished, soft and supple in spite of the bad weather outside.

Let your feet breathe

Your feet are most susceptible to infections, bacteria and fungus during monsoons owing to the increased humidity. To avoid foot-related ailments, hygiene is of utmost importance. Most of us choose fashion over comfort but let’s not forget that closed shoes during monsoon could result in germs harbouring around the feet. A better option would be to select footwear that is airy, functional and rain-friendly. Choosing the right footwear goes a long way in keeping your feet happy during this season.

Germs no more



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